Designer Drugs of Death and Destruction

June 4, 2012

Prescription PainkillersIndian Bob and his guests Suzy from Recovery Resources and Randy Grimes talk about the Epidemic Rise of Designer Drug use in America. The Insane Drug called Bath Salts, The Legalized Marijuana called Spice, GHB aka The Date Rape Drug and the list goes on and on. These Drugs are Designed to Capture The Drug Addict and keep then coming back for more. Bath Salts have been connected to horrific Crimes across the country where individuals high on Bath Salts go on Naked Rage Filled Episodes of Violence, One such Incidence involved a Naked man chewing the face off a Homeless man and having to be shot and killed in order to stop the attack. Designer Labels don’t always mean the Best
Things in Life.


Recovery Radio Raw Show #43 6-4-2012
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